Sync Maropost Commerce Cloud Payments to Xero

Crossbeam supports multiple payment methods, batch syncing, and is built specifically for Maropost Commerce Cloud stores.

Everything you need to run your books.

Crossbeam runs daily and batches payments by day and payment method. Each payment batch is posted as an invoice to be reconciled in Xero. Developed in partnership with ecommerce accounting experts Bean Ninjas, a batched payment workflow reduces the number of invoices generated each month - making account reconciliation simpler, faster, and more reliable.

Simpler, faster, and more reliable sync to Xero.

Is Crossbeam right for you?

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Frequently asked questions

    • What is the difference between Neto and Maropost Commerce Cloud?

      Nothing! The Neto ecommerce platform was acquired by Maropost and renamed Maropost Commerce Cloud

    • Does Crossbeam send detailed invoices to Xero?

      No, Crossbeam does not send detailed invoices to Xero. Crossbeam summarizes invoices by payment gateway, by day, and sends the summarized information in one sale, per payment gateway.

    • Can I cancel at any time?

      Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time

    • Does Crossbeam support the sync of the purchase orders I raise in Maropost Commerce Cloud?

      At this stage Crossbeam does not sync purchase orders from Maropost Commerce Cloud to Xero. We suggest that you leave your purchase orders in Maropost Commerce Cloud, and then sync your tax invoice received from your supplier to Xero when received.

    • Can I run a historical fetch to bring past dates payouts from Maropost Commerce Cloud into Xero?

      Yes, you can run a historical fetch to bring past dates from Maropost Commerce Cloud to Xero, please contact us to make this request.

    • Does Crossbeam keep my inventory updated in Xero?

      At this stage Crossbeam does not update the inventory system in Xero. If you use Xero to manage your inventory tracking, Crossbeam is not the right solution for you to use.

    • Does Crossbeam send over sales invoices broken down by inventory item?

      Crossbeam does not break down sales invoices by inventory item code. It sends over four lines only, with a breakdown between Sales with GST, Sales without GST, Shipping revenue with GST, and Shipping revenue without GST.

    • Does Crossbeam break out the GST on sales correctly?

      Yes, Crossbeam will post each sale by payment gateway over two lines - the revenue that includes GST (GST on income), and the revenue that is GST free (GST free income)

    • Does Crossbeam sync debtors?

      No, Crossbeam does not sync debtors automatically. The sync between Xero and Crossbeam only happens when a payment is receipted to a sales order. We have introduced some training on how to bring debtors in to Xero by using a manual journal.

    • How do I contact customer support?

      Please send an email to We respond to all customer support enquiries by next business day.